I’m Here!

I’ve arrived! I’m stepping into the unknown (see what I did there) … and I have no idea what I’m doing.

Welcome to a squeaky-clean, brand spankin’ new blog trying to inch its way into the blog-o-sphere on this here fancy Internet.  I’m a little terrified, (especially since I’m using the last of my pitiful savings to get this website… I’m very young and dumb okay) but I’m excited to get this next step of my life off the ground and going.

My name is Shannon and I am a twenty-something fresh off the boat of university life. I received my B.S. in psychology as of about a week ago and am now entering the working world (scared… but stoked). This website is my passion project in all of this, a consistent place for me to express my thoughts while trying to learn to #adult properly. I have tried (and failed) at making blogs happen in the past, but it was a sinking ship from the start between juggling it, attending class, homework, two internships, social clubs… you get my point. Now I actually have the time for writing because I want to write (and not because a paper’s due), and I couldn’t be more amped about it.

I am so grateful to have received the education that I’ve had these last four years, and I’ve found that studying psychology and attending university created the perfect storm to bring the things that are important to me together: writing, mental health, community, productivity, life lessons, personal growth, open-mindedness, and most importantly happiness. These topics that I hold close are things I wanted to make sure I kept close, and so I knew that my first step I wanted to take post-grad was to start a blog about all of it.

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So now I’m here, and so are you. With all of these things in mind, I hope to create and maintain happiness in myself and those who choose to read my entries. Now that I’m graduated and not attending school again for at least a while, my life is shifting into a much different groove and routine than what I’ve ever been used to; student life is a tough mold to break when you’ve been doing it for 16 years straight. In all of the shifting maelstrom of everything though, I know one thing’s for sure: I’m going with happy, and I hope you go with it too.

(That was incredibly cheesy. It’s like when actors in a movie say the title of the movie in the movie. I know this and I am not ashamed.)