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Please, Just Let It Out

There’s a lot to be said for someone who cries in the wake of an unfair pressure in society that makes it seem like the infantile thing to do.  Showing that kind of vulnerability means something deeply negative, like you’re somehow now lower on the totem pole of life and people are warranted to respect you less because of your weakness.

Can someone please tell me who the hell started that trend so I can go punch that person in the face?

Crying is a natural, instinctive reaction in the face of sorrow.  It is a buildup of such intense emotion that it spills out of your body in the form of the tears that come.  To bottle that up is like trying to fashion a lid onto a volcano; the explosion will still come, even if you manage to delay it for a bit.  Subsequently the more you delay it, the worse it’s going to be.

Okay, time to get out of the metaphors here.  It physically hurts to hold tears back; we all know that feeling of your throat getting tight, your vision getting blurry, and the exhaustion that follows from such mental strain.  If all it does it cause us pain and lead to a worse meltdown later, why do we expend the effort to try and stop crying?  For some preconceived notion of toughness?

Men, women, and everyone in between and beyond, I beg you to change your perception.  A willingness to be vulnerable to the public, your friends and family, or even to yourself in a world that shames that is defiance.  Letting the tears flow and doing what your body is supposed to do when it feels that deeply is standing up and rejecting the norm.  That takes toughness, that is toughness.

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When you hold your tears back, or you shame others for theirs, you’re participating in a social norm that’s been set up to harm.  Your actions have no uniqueness, and contribute nothing to the greater good.  If it were a game, a test of strength, you’d lose.  So for your sake, mine, and everyone else’s: please, just let it out.

– Shannon

6 thoughts on “Please, Just Let It Out”

  1. What a refreshing blogpost! And so true! I learned how to hold back from crying when I was REALLY young because I didn’t want my dad to be sad if he knew that I was sad……..!! But I’m working on not being embarrassed about it… not easy but a work in progress 🙂

    1. I definitely agree it’s a hard road to being able to be okay with crying, but the more people do it the more the stigma is fought!

  2. I agree with all of this! being sad is a part of life, but we need to make sure we don’t let it control us! Things happen though and it is crucial to give them the small amount of time they deserve and then get back to choosing HAPPY! We can control out thoughts and emotions! 🙂

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