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Mental Health Q&A

Hi happy readers!  The lovely Kate over at Girl Masked and I recently hosted a Twitter Q&A where you guys asked us questions related to mental health, and this post is for the answers we got!  You can find mine here, and Kate’s over on her blog (which I highly recommend checking out).  I won’t waste too much time here with a lengthy intro, let’s get right into the questions!

1. From @JewlsCandice: What’s the best way to stay happy and motivated throughout the day?

For me personally, my favorite mantra to tell myself is “the moment is new.”  I notice I feel happiest through the day when I get a lot of stuff done in the morning, and when I get a lot of stuff done in the morning I tend to get a lot of stuff done throughout the rest of the day too.  Sometimes, however, my mornings aren’t my own entirely due to work, sleep, social obligations et cetera, so I can’t be productive.  That lack of productivity when I wake up can really throw me off and sour my mood, so I try and shift my mentality.  “The moment is new;” every second, I pretend like I just woke up.  Instead of having a clean slate in the mornings, I have a clean slate when I feel like it if I carry that intention.

2. From @RosiesLifeXo: What’s the best way to help someone close to you struggling with their mental health?

Be there in the way they want you to be.  Ask them what they want from you; if they need a shoulder to cry on, listen.  If they want distance, give that to them.  Just don’t overstep the boundaries they draw, because that’ll just push them away further.  Also, don’t feel like you’re responsible for fixing their mental health; it can be tough to have a friend with mental health issues because you want to help them and have them be okay, but you can’t put that load on yourself.  The only person who can fix your friend’s mental health is themselves.

3. From @APearlyDream: How do you keep positive when you hit rock bottom?

Get yourself some help.  If you truly feel like you’re at rock bottom, that is a scary place to be.  Don’t feel like you have to go it alone, seek therapy.  Go for a doctor’s appointment and get tested to make sure your vitamin levels, blood pressure, etc are normal and stable.  Find a psych who specializes in the problems you’re facing.  If you can’t afford regular therapy- it is damn expensive in the US sometimes, even with insurance- there are online resources that can help.  Also, tell someone!  A friend, a parent, a relative.  Have someone who is aware you’re struggling, because they’ll make sure you’re staying safe.

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4. From @FrayedBooks: What is your opinion on going to therapy?

Thank you guys so much for your questions, this was fun!  I’ve mentioned this a couple times in this post but I want to emphasize that Kate and I are not mental health professionals.  We are speaking from experience in the hopes that talking about it may help lift others and make them feel less alone.  We are not telling you what it takes to cure anything.  If you feel you are really struggling I recommend you seek professional help.

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  1. This is such a good Q&A and has given me a better idea of how to deal with someone who has mental health. I only came across someone who depression a few years ago and I was absolutely clueless about it! So I’m glad I found this.

  2. This is really helpful! I struggle with depression and a Q+a like this is so helpful to show my family and friends x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  3. I love that you included about having a mental illness, in my area it upsets me so much because there is no support for mental illness apart from group therapy >< there is no psychiatrist and it is so difficult to get help you need! I feel like in society mental illness often slides behind the spotlight when it comes to mental health, but I'm glad there is a lot of online support available! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

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