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Happy Talks #1: Belle Vie

Hey everyone!  I’m so excited to announce that I’ve decided to start a little series on this blog called “Happy Talks,” where I interview different bloggers from all walks of life about mental health and staying happy.  This series, which’ll be posted every Tuesday (that means TWO posts a week from me now, guys!), is meant to give a plethora of perspectives on what it means to be well, and to gain insight on the journeys and routines of other people.  I hope you enjoy this series as much as I’ve enjoyed coming up with it.

The lovely Abbie over at Belle Vie (she nominated me for the Liebster Award, if you remember!) is an awesome beauty guru, but she kindly agreed to step into my world for a bit to answer some questions for me as our first Happy Talks blogger.

1. If you are comfortable talking about it, what has your mental health journey been like so far?

I’m someone who prefers comforting others rather than being the one on the receiving end.  And I’m also someone that hates it when people know I’m sad/feel bad/sorry for me.  Therefore the only people that really know me is my mum, she’s always there for me she I need it, and that’s all I need.  I don’t talk about my mental health, ever, to anyone, so unfortunately I’m not going to get deep and start now.  However I am going to try and answer these questions as well as I can, so I’m not just a closed book you don’t know anything about and end up finding this really boring to read!

2. How do you keep yourself content day-to-day?

Day-to-day I always try and be happy, stay positive is my number one!  Happy/positive mindset = happy/positive life.  Obviously I have my bad days and my VERY bad days, when that occurs I actually try and distract myself, which probably isn’t the right way, I’m trying to more and more face the problem and overcome it (which is better).  But if you’re like me and can’t face it, then I’d say listen to your favourite songs (don’t make a specific playlist, like I’ve don’t once before because then you’ll always be reminded of those bad times/places when you hear/play that playlist).  Or if you can watch something you enjoy which will distract you, mine’s normally my favourite Youtubers or Friends.

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3. Looking back at the times you’ve struggled, what would you tell yourself now?

That it’s life, I’m going to be the way I am no matter what, there’s no changing that, so learn how to deal with it, and it’ll get better in the long run.

4. What are the things that make you happy, and how would you tell others to pursue the things that make them happy?

I’m lucky that I have lovely family I’m close to and love very much, just spending time with my sister and parents and dog is when I’m the most happy.  But besides that I’m a creative person and love art, photography and beauty/hair, so when I’m doing any of these I feel great!  And now I’m so fortunate that I have (finally) a blog I love, I’m in my happy place when I’m writing new blog posts or talking to my followers/fellow blogger friends. My advice to you, sitting there on the other side of the screen, is if you’re not happy at what your doing, stop it, and if you know there’s something else you want to do, that may or may not make you happy, just try it!  You never know ’till you try.

5. How do you take care of yourself when you’re feeling down?

I drink lots of tea and coffee, and watch programmes I love!

6. How has blogging contributed to your happiness?

Has it?  YES.  Why?  I don’t know, I think it’s because I love spending time writing (and I don’t get any other chance to do so) as well as speaking to lots of new people, and getting to know them and their blog/life, it’s so interesting hearing about people, because everyone’s different and has a new story you just want to be told.

7. What makes you feel most alive?

Actually this made me really think, I had to pause for a few moments (imagine this and do the same).  I think it’d have to be going on rollercoasters, this is a time when you feel all emotions, nerves, excitement, fear, happiness, adrenaline.

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8. What inspires you, both for blogging and in your personal life?

Social media, I know that sounds an unusual answer but hear me out… This is such a widely used platform now that so many people are on there, from your day-to-day user, to your blogger/vlogger, to your social media star promoter.  All these people contribute to what decisions I make (not personally haha), they all give me the push I need, making me work harder and do what I want to do.

9. How have your friends and family supported your mental health journey?  What really helped you and what did not?

My mum supports me the most, she’s just always there and I know that, so it makes it so much easier for me to go to her when I need it.  I think the most important thing is your own mindset and looking after yourself, that’s what helped me, making sure I was helping myself and not bullying my own mind for the way I am.

10. What are your plans for the future, both with yourself and your blog?

My plans are to keep going strong with my blog, always putting out posts I’m 100% happy with and constantly make friends, being kind and giving the time to everyone.  As well, I want to continue putting 110000% into everything I do, working hard and enjoying the payoff.

Thanks so much to Abbie for being my first interviewee, this was a lot of fun!  You can find Abbie at these places:

Website: Belle Vie
Instagram: @AbbieHarlockk
Bloglovin: @BelleVieBlogging
Twitter: @BelleVie_Tweets
Pinterest: Abbie

P.S. She interviewed me on her blog as well!  Check out the post here.

‘Till the next Happy Talk,