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Turning the Negatives Into Gratitudes

As I have mentioned before on this blog, I recently graduated from university.  It’s a momentous accomplishment in my life and I am so proud to have climbed that mountain, but with the joy of crossing the finish line comes the sunset of that current and loved life, and the rise of a new (or old) place becoming home, a new routine, and a new rotation of people in daily life.  I said goodbye to a town I adored, people I call my best friends and family, and a lifestyle I enjoyed nearly every moment of to start the next chapter.  I admittedly still feel the heartache; it feels like a breakup I wasn’t ready for… the inevitability and power of change can be cruel at times.


In sorrow, however, comes growth.  To cope and flow with the shifting of my life, I’ve decided to adopt a little exercise.  For every moment of brooding that comes into my mind about the way things are right now, I spin it around and find the thing in that thought that I can be grateful for.  I’ve typically been writing each “spin-around” down in my Bullet Journal for my records; I think the deliberate practice of writing each thing helps cement that gratitude in the brain better.  Here are some examples of what I wrote when I first left:

1) I’m saying goodbye to so many people, but I’m grateful for it because it means I have so many people that I love and love me.

2) I’m moving my stuff out of my apartment in 100 degree weather, but I’m grateful for it because I love the summertime and as soon as I’m done moving I’ll be able to enjoy it.

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3) I’m leaving my college town, but I’m grateful for the years of much-needed growth it has given me.

4) My mother and I are getting a little snappy with each other because we’re both exhausted from moving, but I’m grateful to have her here helping me because I know it’d be so hard to do without her.

5) I cried today over missing everyone and everything, but I’m grateful because having so much to miss means I have so much that I love.

Make sense?  I think this method can apply to pretty much any situation that may arise that isn’t so ideal.  An established practice like this may be just what you need to carry yourself through the bad days.  If it helps you, let me know in the comments or shoot me an email!  I would love to hear from you and your “spin-arounds” that you’ve created.

Wishing you happiness and gratitude,

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  1. This is such an inspiring post! It’s always good to spin the negatives into positives so they don’t bring you down, which is so good for your mental health!

    great post xoxo

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