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Oh hey.  Didn’t see you there.

You guys I’ve been tagged in so many different “get to know me” types of posts so far in the short time I’ve been a blogger, and honestly I’m so grateful for it.  I’m happy that fellow bloggers think of me when they think of people to tag.  It makes me feel so welcomed in the community, so thank you to everyone who has nominated me for any challenges thus far and thank you to those who might in the future.

Recently I was nominated by Nadine Massey over at her blog to do the “Unusual Questions Tag,” which she created herself.  I’m super stoked to answer these questions because they seem so fun to answer.  So here goes!

1. What animal would be cutest if scaled down to the size of a cat?

Real?  A tiny elephant would be freakin’ adorable.  Fictional?  A dragon.  I want some like Daenerys-style shiz goin’ on.

Two words: bad.  Ass.

2. What would be your first question after being woken up from being cryogenically frozen for 100 years?

I’d probably ask if climate change has destroyed the planet yet…

3. If money and time weren’t an issue, what hobby would you take up?

Skiing, which I’m hoping I can start doing a year from now.  There are multiple mountains in Oregon that I’m itchin’ to explore!

4. What is your irrational fear?

Driving off a bridge into water and drowning.  Terrified of that.

5. If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?

I wish I didn’t have to sleep!  My boyfriend and I always gripe about how there aren’t enough hours in a day, and if we could never sleep we would.  I’d utilize it for pursuing my hobbies- blogging, painting, and playing music.  That way during the day I could focus on my job and socializing without any guilt about not spending enough time on my interests.

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6. What are two things you would do if you woke up to find yourself completely invisible?

Hmm… I’d probably be a shitehead honestly and steal bulk food from the grocery store so I’m set for a super long time (don’t judge, food’s expensive!).  Then I’d do something cool and go animal-watching since I know I wouldn’t disturb any of them.

7. How many slices of pizza are you capable of eating in one sitting?

My record is six large slices of pizza hut, back when I was a teenager and gaining body fat wasn’t a thing for me.  (Girl didn’t know how good she had it…)

8. If it were possible would you live on the moon?

Sounds lonely.

9. What is the weirdest scar you have and how did you get it?

Weirdest one is my scar shaped like a bug on my upper left thigh from removing stitches that went wrong!

10. Who are two of your favourite comedians?

Only two?  Fine, Louis C.K. and Iliza Shlesinger.

11. What skills do you posses that could help you survive the zombie apocalypse?

I think I’d be good with strategy!  Don’t put me up against one of those dead things though I’d be eaten so fast to be honest…

12. If you could master one musical instrument, what would it be?

Mandolin.  I’ve played piano for going on twelve years now, so it’d be awesome to know a second instrument so well, especially one as pretty as the mandolin.

13. What job would you be terrible at?

A housemaid.  Deep cleaning is my least favorite thing to do ever.

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14. What do you wish you knew more about?

Everything.  I’m hungry for knowledge of all sorts; psychology, art, music, history, culture, folklore.  I’m fascinated by so much it’s hard to pick just one topic.  I feel that every aspect of learning can tie in with my own personal growth, so whatever lecture, book, seminar, etc. I can get my hands on I’m happy to consume.

15. What TV show or movie do you refuse to watch?

The Bachelor/Bachelorette.  I dislike the concept, and I feel like I learn nothing from it.  I’m not against reality shows; I love Survivor and Big Brother, but those games involve strategy, psychology, and real competition.  The Bachelor/Bachelorette are popularity contests and that’s it in my opinion.

Thanks again to Nadine for nominating me, I had a bunch of fun answering these questions!  Here are my nominations to keep this tag going:

1. Taylor (@frayedbooks) from Frayed Books
2. Theresa (@pinkpeeptoe) from The Pink Peeptoe
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Have fun, nominees,


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  1. I honestly really enjoyed reading your answers, they were so fun – I also wish I could have a Daenerys-like dragon, it would would incredible!
    I’m also so envious that you can play the piano, I seriously want to learn myself.

    Thank you so much for taking part in this tag, so glad you enjoyed the questions!

    Nadine xx

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