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Happy Talks #5: Passion Teas and Peonies

Happy Tuesday my friends!  I hope you’re all doing well, and if you’re in the coastal parts of the US you’re staying safe!  We have Harvey in the south, Irma in the southeast, and in my beautiful home state of Oregon we have so many fires happening it’s surreal.  Never thought I’d have to leave my house in a breathing mask to do my grocery shopping, but here we are.  I’m perfectly safe though, and I hope other people who are experiencing this are too.

Anyway!  Today’s talk is with Dominique from Passion Teas and Peonies.  She’s a jack-of-all-trades blogger who writes on all sorts of topics: beauty, life, pop culture, and more.  Let’s see what she has to say!

1) What has your mental health journey been like for you so far? You can tell us as much or as little as you like.

I had always been known at the shy, quiet girl for my entire life. Most of the time I would avoid speaking to others and felt content being alone and keeping to myself. I struggled with making friends in school, expressing my feelings, and thoroughly enjoying life’s precious moments which all followed me into my teens/ early adulthood. Anxiety is something that I continue to struggle with on a daily basis but have learned various ways to have a better control over in order to live a life where anxiety doesn’t control me.

2) How do you keep yourself content day-to-day?

I always look for the good in each day! I am a firm believer there is something to smile and be happy about even on your worst days. Also, I make sure to keep myself (including my school assignments, work schedule, personal events, gym classes etc) organized in my planner everyday and relax at least for a half hour each night.

3) Looking back at times you’ve struggled, what would you tell your past self to help them out?

There is NOTHING wrong with seeking help and talking about what is bothering you. Keeping everything bottled up is only going to make things worse in the long run. Your feelings are completely valid. You matter.

4) What are the things that make you happy, how do you pursue them, and what would you tell others who are trying to pursue what makes them happy?

A way for me to deal with my anxiety is by exercising! I know a lot of people say this but that’s only because it’s true and leaves you feeling great both inside and out! My advice would be to find some sort of fitness activity/activities that you enjoy and go with it. I personally love yoga, zumba, hiking, lifting and want to get into soul cycle soon! There are so many other options and I can guarantee you will find something you love like I did!

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5) How do you take care of yourself when you’re feeling down?

I step away from things like my phone, computer, and homework in order to simply just unwind. I’ll make myself a cup of tea, read a book, take a hot shower, do yoga, or even just go to sleep. Sometimes I’ll even find the closest junk food in my house and binge watch episodes of Impractical Jokers. It’s all about balance!

6) How has blogging contributed to your happiness?

I love writing! I’m currently in college majoring in communications, aspiring to become an editor for an online news/media or magazine, so blogging felt like a good first step! My blog means everything to me and I love creating content on my own medium reaching out to other young writers like myself.

7) What inspires you, both for blogging and in your personal life?

My passion and desire for writing and what I want to do with it for the rest of my life. I enjoy writing about topics that I find interesting and exciting and relying that to others who feel the same way. My dreams for the future have a bigger presence in my life than my anxiety ever will and that thought alone encourages and inspires me every single day.

8) How have your friends and family supported your mental health journey? What helped and what did not?

I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many wonderful people who I have the pleasure to call my friends and family in this crazy life. They understand what I am feeling even in they can’t understand it. My friends never mind listening to what I have to say because they genuinely want to know. My family reminds me that I am never alone especially when it comes to this and always ask to see how I am doing. My support system is truly wonderful and I couldn’t be more thankful for each and everyone in it.

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9) What are your goals for the future, both for yourself and your blog? How do you go about achieving those goals?

I hope that I will be able to expand and grow my audience the further I get into my blogging career. I would love to work with other bloggers on collaborative posts and to even meet my “online friends” in real life someday! With my life, I aspire to become a writer after I graduate college in two years for a fashion/beauty magazine or online media/news publication in New York City! To achieve them I know I simply have to keep working hard and as time passes continue to work even harder. With my writings, both on my blog and my future ones, if I can inspire even just one young woman to go out and chase her dreams no matter how big or how much they scare her to follow then I’ll know that all of my hard work and dedication and even my failures were all worth it.

10) What makes you feel most alive?

Writing, hiking, being with friends, going to concerts, being with family, adventures, Sunday dinner, zumba, being with my nieces/nephew, laughing, going on roller coasters, trying something new, iced lattes, and a brand new day.

If you want to see more from Dominique, check out her social media!

Blog: Passion Teas and Peonies
Twitter: @msdominiqueann
Instagram: @dominiqueann26

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