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A Pep Talk To Yourself

Today I want to challenge you to something.  I challenge you to write the greatest motivational speech that you could possibly write.  But I want you to write it to yourself and no one else.  I want this to be something you can refer to in times of stress, sadness, and lethargy.  When the current you can’t handle life at the moment, let the you of the past carry you through to a better spot.  It’s a great exercise in self-love and care, and a great reminder that you have the potential to be your best cheerleader.

To help get you started, I wrote a pep talk for myself that you guys can look at for some inspo:

Hey dude.

I know life may seem a little hectic and overwhelming at the moment; it’s really easy to feel like everything’s crashing down around you.  But please don’t do what you normally do, which is close up and not do anything.  You know as much as I do that that doesn’t work, and nothing gets any less hectic and overwhelming by pretending it doesn’t exist.  You don’t take care of yourself when you close up.  So let me tell you what you should do.

First, breathe.  You take a lot of shallow breaths when you’re stressed, which only makes you even more stressed.  Breathe in as much as you can stand it, hold it for four seconds, then let all that air out, every last bit.  Hold for four seconds, repeat the process.  Do it until your regular breathing’s at a better rate than it was before. 

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Next, take a shower if you haven’t today, put on some clean clothes, brush your teeth, and feel like new.  After that, clean your apartment, because if you’ve been closing up that means you haven’t been taking care of yourself, and that usually means you have a messy space.  Then I want you to write your little heart out.  Whine and moan all you want about life, that’s what your journal’s there for.  When you feel like you’ve gotten it all out, give yourself a to do list.  Don’t be too easy on yourself, but don’t be too hard either.  Then get stuff done.

Life’s hard, but I promise you it can be managed.  You have the power to make the mountain a molehill.  You deserve to get up in the morning and feel powerful, effective, and empowered, because you are powerful, you are effective, and you are an empowered woman.  Go chase the world, lasso it, and make it your own.

Love, me.

What pep talk did you write for yourself?  Post it in the comments below!

Wishing you a good pep in your step today,

20 thoughts on “A Pep Talk To Yourself”

  1. I personally am so influenced by my space. I can usually tell when I am getting down because I let me house go downhill, which of course feeds into feelings of bleh. Good advice in taking moments to protect your space.

  2. I support self love and self acceptance. Every night, before heading to bed, I try to write myself something. Pep talk really helps because sometimes you have to tell yourself that you’re at your side when everyone else misunderstood you.

  3. YEs, its the joy and process involved in simple things that prepare us for the day ahead and the life at large! I look at myself in the mirror and try to make this better than yesterday A lil motivation trick I picked up!

  4. I’m going to this later. I think I really need this. I’ve been struggling with life lately and been looking for motivation everywhere else. But now that I think about it, maybe the motivation that I really need is from no one but myself.

  5. For occasions when I’m feeling down, I always turn to my gratitude journal. There’s nothing that makes me happier than look back on the little things that bring joy to my days. x

  6. I only go one by one motivation Do right and everything right will happen to you. Being Jerk just leads to disasters. That’s what I go with it.

  7. This is a powerful reminder! Sometimes a letter speaks louder than a talk. I think I would write a motivational speech to myself for some self courage and confidence. Thank you for your inspirational post!

  8. Hehe, my friend calls them “love letters to herself” and she literally writes them when she’s happy – to prepare for times when she’s sad :P. It’s really important to remember we get discouraged and prepare for it when we’re inspired!

  9. Everyone needs a pep talk sometimes! I used to occasionally write myself one and leave it somewhere where I knew I’d find it while I was freaking out over studying.

  10. I love this! I recently wrote a post sharing 21 ways to boost your self-confidence, and writing your own pep talk was high on the list. We have a tendency to put ourselves down, instead of building ourselves up – making that one change can impact every aspect of life! I’ll definitely be sharing this post with my network : )

  11. This is such a great reminder. My space is a big factor that affects my mood for the entire. I love writing but I have never tried writing for myself. Will try this out.

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