15 Things You Should Probably Fix in Your Space But Haven’t Yet For Whatever Reason

Human beings have a very strange tendency to procrastinate on the things that make them happy, and tolerate the things that make them unhappy.  It’s like a weird threshold for unpleasantness that tries to justify us not taking a more active role in improving things that aren’t quite right.  I think it’s about time a lot of us put our foot down and say “no more.”  Stop just grinning and bearing with stuff that’s annoying and inconveniencing!  If there’s something in your home that’s bothering you, your first reaction should not be “I’ll deal with it later.”  Deal with it now or never.  Here’s a list of 20 things to get you to fix up your space:

1) That lightbulb that’s been out for a week now.

2) The clothing that fell off the hangers and are now sitting at the bottom of your closet, potentially behind shelves and boxes and the like.

3) That picture on the wall that’s ever-so-slightly crooked.

4) The empty bottles of shampoo/conditioner/whatever hair or body products that sit in your shower but you always forget to take them out and toss them.

5) That scuff mark on your table/cabinets/etc. that you’ve been meaning to try and buff out and fix but haven’t.

6) “The chair:” you know, that one chair that’s accumulated a pile of clothes on it.


Ah, the chair.  A blank canvas awaiting the inevitable innumerable amounts of garments that will soon cover its surface.

7) In general, if there’s a corner of clutter, clear it up.

8) If the cords to the blinds on your windows are all tangled up, untangle them.

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9) Are there any items you’ve been meaning to get rid of but you just haven’t yet?  Gather them up and drive them straight to Goodwill.

10) How’s your laptop/desktop keyboard lookin’?  Grimy?  Clean it.  (Easiest way I do it is by using the sticky part of a sticky note to clean between the keys.)

11) Any leaky pipes under sinks, toilets, etc.?  Fix it or get someone else to if you don’t know how.

12) Those weeds that have been taking up space in the garden.  Fix up your flora!

13) That stain on your carpet or rug that’s probably looking extra ugly now that I’ve called it out here.


Rugs are for edgy self-portraits, not a receptacle for the condiment-centric aftermath of some messy eating habits obvi.  Jeez stock images are weird sometimes.

14) Speaking of stains… I bet there are stains on clothing lying around too that could use some TLC.  Fix that too.

15) Are there things you bought that you just haven’t found a place for yet?  Find a place for them now or get rid of it.

Happy fixing,

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