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October 2017: Personal and Blog Goals – Edition #1

Hello hello to my happy readers!  One of my favorite months is finally here, and I’m over the moon about it.  So many wonderful things are in store in the month of October.  It kicks off the fall season, but here in Oregon we still have a few sunny and warm days sprinkled around at the beginning of it to gradually ease into the stormy clouds and crisp air.  Second, it means I can break out the sweaters and the hot cocoa and cider.  Third, it means spooky things: haunted corn mazes, campy horror films, Halloween, and that general magical and mysterious feeling that the month brings.  Lastly, I know so many people with birthdays during October that there’s always a celebration to be had- including mine!  I’m a third-generation October baby and I love it.

Now that I’ve professed my undying love for this time of year, you might be wondering what I’m doing posting on a Friday since I’ve stuck to Sunday and Tuesday so rigidly this whole time I’ve been a blogger.  Starting today, I’ll be doing a goals post on the first Friday of every month.  This’ll involve me talking about how my life’s been for the month, what I’ve been up to, and what I hope to accomplish both in my personal life and on my blog.

I’m doing this for a number of reasons: it’ll help you guys get to know me a little better, it’ll key you guys in on the future direction of my blog, hopefully inspire you and your goals, and for me personally it’s a way to screw my head on straight at the beginning of the month and help me set my priorities.  I think it’s a win-win for everyone, if I do say so myself.

September Recap

So let’s start with what happened in September.  Last month involved a lot of travel for me; bopped around from place to place, took a plane here and there, and did a decent amount of house-sitting to boot.  I think I spent less than a week total sleeping in my own bed!  It was a lot of fun though; I’d never been to the midwest US in my life, for one thing, and it was honestly so beautiful.  Oregon is a rather young state in comparison to areas in the midwest, so the architecture of some of these places were completely new to me.

Views from my flight as we descended.  Everything’s so flat in the midwest!

While I adore my mountains and trees here in the pacific northwest, I know that the midwest has not seen the last of me.  Taking a flight to somewhere new, even if it’s within my own country, was a reminder that I need to travel more in general too.  I’ve never been outside of the US or Canada.  This is partially due to the lack of funds growing up, and then entering university immediately after high school leaving me no time to make the money for it.  Now that I’m an adult with my own ability to make income, I can prioritize travel.  That’s exciting to me.  The world’s my oyster, fam, and I wanna see it all.

Personal Goals

Each month, I’m gonna have ten personal goals that I wanna meet.  Next month, I’ll reflect on those goals and make ten new goals, and the cycle will repeat.  Here’s my first iteration of monthly goals!

  1. Prep for NaNoWriMo.  I’m doin’ it and I’m excited.  October is cutely coined “preptober” for those of us doing NaNoWriMo, and I’d like to do all I can to make sure that my first year taking part will be a success.  Boho Berry did an awesome post about her Preptober experience last year and what she’ll be doing this year, so if you’re thinking about taking part too that’s a great post to start off with for some inspo.
  2. Complete Inktober.  There’s something super fun about thousands of others coming together in a collective push to make art.  This year, I wanna take part in it for the first time!  I’ll be posting my daily art to my main Instagram, my art Instagram, and my Twitter.
  3. Update my Etsy inventory.  Did you guys know I have an Etsy?  I’ve got a few paintings and a couple coloring book pages for sale there, but I’d really love to grow it some more and add more art to the mix.
  4. Update my Redbubble and Society6.  I’ve got those too, friends!  I have nothing on Society6 so far, so I’m not going to link it yet, but my Redbubble has been up and running since well before I started GWH, and I think its inventory could use some refreshing.
  5. Make a thorough year plan.  Like I said earlier, my birthday’s this month.  A new age means the potential for a new beginning, so I’m going to utilize that magic of something new and turn it into motivation for self-improvement and achieving some more long-term plans.
  6. Hike 3 trails.  This summer, Oregon saw the devastating effects of wildfire, some of it caused by human carelessness.  If they’re open again, I’d like to revisit the trails and pay homage to the places I loved growing up.  If they’re not open again, then I’ll find new hikes to love and plan a return to the old trails when they’re safe and stable.
  7. Finish three novels.  Due to the fact that I have the attention span of a peanut sometimes, I have found myself in the middle of three books: Drums of Autumn, the fourth Outlander story; The Last Wish, the first of the Witcher series; and The Little Book of Hygge.  I want to finish them all before November rolls in.
  8. Commit to health and fitness again.  Travel means little time for working out, and a lot of restaurant food.  I’d like to start doing yoga regularly to help my scoliosis, improve my strength and flexibility, and hopefully get toned in the process.  I also want to start planning my meals by the month, and lay out grocery lists for each week.  I’m also going to do my best to avoid excess sugars and cut out high fructose corn syrup.  (Stuff’s nasty.  Look it up.)
  9.  Declutter my closet.  At the beginning of a new season, I like to go through and get rid of clothes that are meant for last season that I just didn’t wear.  If I didn’t wear it, I’m not gonna miss it, right?  That leaves me room for the things I truly wear and love.
  10. Complete three new paintings.  I have so many ideas for different pieces, but I never seem to dedicate enough time to follow through with them.  I want to change that.

Blog Goals

Since I have nothing to reflect on for last month, I’ll just be jumping into goals much like my personal goal section.  I’ll do ten for my blog goals too:

  1. Promote more consistently.  Due to travel, I couldn’t care for GWH as much as I could normally.  This definitely caused me to take a bit of a hit in regard to blog engagement, so I’d like to make that up and get back on a schedule.
  2. Reach 400 likes on Facebook.  As I’m typing this (which is actually on October 2nd), Going With Happy has 202 likes on Facebook.  I only really started using Facebook last month to promote this here site o’ mine, so if I can get 200 in a month, then I think I can get another 200 just fine.
  3. Gain 250 more followers on Twitter.  Last month, Going With Happy on Twitter gained 175 new followers, bringing me to a total of 1,109 people as I’m typing this.  If I can get 175 from inconsistent promotion, 250 is totally plausible with consistent promotion.
  4. Get 50 more email subscribers.  Have you subscribed yet?  There’s a signup box on the sidebar to your right!
  5. Get at least 600 sessions on the blog for this month.  Last month gave me 400, which is lower than August, but I really think that promotion is critical for me as a new blogger and I didn’t do much of that for September.
  6. Get 200 Pinterest followers.  I have 85 now, but I’ve never really pushed to promote following my Pinterest so we’ll see how it goes for this month.
  7. Get to 300 Instagram followers.  At the moment I have 275.  I honestly suck at Instagramming, mainly because I really dislike the platform.  However, I recognize its worth as a marketing tool, so I’m willing to put in a little time to help it grow.  Twenty-five doesn’t seem like a horrid number.
  8. Write and schedule five new blog posts.  I’m all for planning ahead!
  9. Automate more actions.  I am all for genuine, real-time posting, please don’t get me wrong.  But there are certain things that I’d love to have done for me i.e. pinning my new blog posts to respective boards, and other promotion-only things.  It’d make life waaaay easier.
  10. Start posting Amazon affiliate links more consistently.  It’s such a great tool for growth and I don’t utilize it enough.

 In Conclusion

I loved all the traveling I did in September, I truly did.  However, it meant that I really couldn’t work on myself, so I’m stoked to see what October brings now that the colder months are setting in.  Since I’m working on my goals again, this also puts me more in alignment with my blog’s mission: personal growth!  It feels like a return to things that are important to me; I’m optimistic for the future because of it.

What are your goals for the month?  I’d love to hear them in the comments section!  Let’s have a chat.

Drink all the cider and wear all the scarves,

Note: This post contains affiliate links.  This means if you click on a product or ad and choose to purchase something, I receive a small commission.  I promise you no additional fees are incurred!  Thank you all for your continued support!

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  1. I share my monthly goals on my blog as well and I’m not sure my readers enjoy reading it but I know that I like reading other people’s goals because it encourages me it my own goals but also makes me feel like I’m getting to you know you!!

    I followed your social media (I thought I had before!) so that I can support you in reaching your targets for the month!! (YAY You’re at 306 on FB when I went to like it… almost there!)


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