30 Soul-Searching Journal Prompts

I’ve already talked about the importance of journaling here and why it’s important to get your thoughts out, but sometimes it’s just really hard to get your mind going.  There may either be too many things going on in your head, or maybe you’re drawing a total blank.  These journal prompts are meant for those moments, or for when you’re itching for realizations but you need some direction for getting to them.  I highly suggest brewing yourself a cup of tea, getting in some comfy clothes, and getting some good lighting and music while writing out these babies so you can zen out while working on them.  Here goes:

1) How can I be unapologetically myself day to day?
2) What does my ideal morning look like?
3) What does my ideal evening look like?
4) What are your triggers of your bad habits?  What can you do to replace those things?
5) What do I want people to remember most about me?
6) How can I step out of my comfort zone more?

7) What is a time I stepped out of my comfort zone?  How did I feel while it was happening, how did I feel about it afterward in both the short and long term?
8) If money weren’t an issue, what would I want to do with my life?  List everything, big and small.
9) How can I make sure I’m pursuing my interests as often as I can?
10) How can other people in my life help me achieve my dreams?
11) How can I help others achieve their dreams?
12) How can I make sure I don’t let the bad stuff get me down?
13) What are my bad thought triggers?  How can I divert those to good thoughts?
14) What would others think if they saw me without speaking to me?  Think body language, facial expression, posture, et cetera.
15) What would others think of me if they spoke to me?
16) How am I getting in my own way?
17) How can I do more for myself?
18) How can I do more for my family and friends?
19) How can I do more for my community?
20) What are things I should say no to more often?
21) What in life isn’t working for me at the moment?
22) Where do I feel stuck in life right now?
23) How do I get unstuck?
24) What am I bored of in life?
25) What are my core beliefs and morals?
26) What matters to me that maybe shouldn’t matter?
27) What doesn’t matter to me that maybe should matter more?
28) What did I accomplish this last day?  Week?  Month?  Year?
29) What tiny steps can I take today to achieve my goals?
30) What tiny steps did I take today to achieve my goals?

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What prompts helped you the most?  What realizations did you come to?  Do you have any good prompts?  Talk about it in the comments below!

Happy writing,

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