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In the world of the infinite Internet, we can get buried in content.  As we forget the content we no longer consume, we suddenly have contents, histories, and emails from ghosts of things we once read piling on and on, and our information is spread across a plethora of media.  It can get so overwhelming keeping track of it all, so a great way to relieve that pressure is some good ol’ social media detoxing.  I’ve decided to compile a whole bunch of ways to do so in this list here, so when in need you can go through everything one by one to give your digital life a refresh.

1) Let’s start with the obvious: get rid of email subscriptions you don’t need. 

Yeah, that subscription box seemed cool, but did you ever actually buy it?  No?  Then why are you still getting their emails?  If you have too many subscriptions to keep up with, there’s a great site called that helps identify and remove what you’re subscribed to.

2) Give your email accounts purpose.

I have three different emails: one for professional stuff IRL, one for my blog and art website and all social media attached to those, and one for random junk, coupons, and trying new things.  I suggest having separate emails for separate purposes as it keeps your inboxes cleaner and helps you get to what you want when you want it.  Make sure you stick to these separations too!  Your work email shouldn’t be getting sent daily Groupons if you have another email meant for that.

3) Delete old email accounts.

On the subject of emails, if you have excess accounts from previous years, delete them.  I know “cutegrl1440” was once loved and valued in teenagerdom, but you definitely don’t need it now.

4) Any accounts from random websites you never use?  Deactivate them. 

Your Neopets are probably dead.  Just end any final suffering they may be going through right now and get rid of the account.  If you want to make the process of deactivating an account easy, head over to for some help.

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5) Remove old apps off your phone, tablet, and computer. 

Pokémon Go was fun for like three seconds, but Pikachu’s probably not gonna miss you that much after deleting the app if you haven’t even opened it in 10 months.

6) If you’re not going to remove the app, at least turn off the push notifications. 

Does ibotta really need to notify you every time you’re within 100 feet of a Safeway?  Probably not.  Go into your settings and remove push notifications from everything except the things you really want to be notified about.  (Gotta stay in the loop about your horoscope, right?)

7) Remove toxic friends and content creators.

Go through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, et cetera, and remove anyone you don’t get along with, people you haven’t spoken to in years, or old accounts that just aren’t active or producing content you’re into anymore.

8) Speaking of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, do a post detox.

I used to post lyrics to really angst-ridden songs to my Facebook on a daily basis in my preteen/early teen years.  Now it’s coming back to haunt me, especially when a friend of mine decides it’s really hilarious and comments or likes one of them to bring it back from the grave.  If there are photos, statuses, tweets, etc, that you really wouldn’t like rearing their ugly heads again, it’s best to delete them.

9) For good measure, maybe make sure your MySpace account still isn’t a thing. 

Just do it.

10) Unsubscribe from Youtube accounts or blogs on Bloglovin’ that just don’t entertain you anymore.

Pretty self-explanatory.  Make sure to look for content creators that aren’t creating anymore as well, as they may be buried in your subscriptions.

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11) Organize your Pinterest.

I am a pinning freak.  It’s where I save art, writing, and photography inspo, where I get my recipes, how I plan my outfits, I could go on and on about how many uses I have for this site.  If you’re like me though, you can get a little pin-crazy and suddenly you have 3 boards on how to make fake cheese and 5 different categories of fashion boards, and then you get scared of the hot mess that is your Pinterest, deny that it’s as bad as it is and you carry on with your self-destructive pinning tirade.  (… Maybe I’m being dramatic.  Oh well.)  Stop yourself in your tracks, and go through all the boards and topics you follow and unfollow as much as you can.  Then clean up your boards, then clean up the pins in those boards.  I promise you’ll feel so much better.

12) Clear your histories from every device.

To finish it all off, get rid of your searches and caches from every device.  Phone, tablet, laptop, nothing is safe.


Hope you feel light as a feather once you’re done with the digital clutter,

P.S: If your desktop needs a little detoxing too, I made a post about it here!

3 thoughts on “Social Media Detoxing”

  1. I love this post so much I had to share it on Twitter myself. I use unrollme on my personal email account but since you’ve mentioned it, it’s good to use on the others. I did have the forethought to make a separate email account for my blog though. I think social media detoxing is a great idea. Sometimes I look on my phone at the apps I’ve downloaded and I wonder if about the last time I’ve used them.

  2. loved this!!! It such a good thing to do and we often don’t give it any thought!!
    Thanks for reminding us all to put some time aside and go through what we don’t use/need anymore 🙂 xox

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