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November 2017: Personal And Blog Goals – Edition #2

Hiya friends!  Anyone else feel like October just went right by?  I definitely feel that way.  I love me some crisp autumn days, so perhaps time flies when you’re having fun.

This is my second edition of my personal/blog goals series that I do the first Friday of every month.  I do this so that everyone can get a glimpse at what I’m doing behind the scenes of this blog, and hopefully months from now when this blog has grown I can look back at all the milestones I hit through these posts.  For this month, I’ve decided to start color coding my goal completion statuses.  Red is for incomplete, orange is for partially complete, and green is for complete.  If you want to check out my first edition, click here.

Let’s get started!

October Recap

I am really happy with the way October went.  It was my birthday month, so I had fun celebrating that with my loved ones.  I also think that starting this series really got me off my butt and got me working toward the things I publicly proclaimed I’d do.  I’m really excited to see how posting these every month serves me in the future!

Personal Goals


These are the goals I had for last month.  Below I talk about whether or not I feel I completed the goal.  If I did, I talk about how I did it.  If I didn’t, I talk about why:

  1. Prep for NaNoWriMo.  Inspiration for my NaNoWriMo book didn’t come until October 30th, but as soon as it hit me I researched like a madwoman to prepare.  So I’d say I completed this goal, even if it was a bit rushed.  I have a rough roadmap and a place to start, that’s all I need.
  2. Complete Inktober.  A few days into Inktober I decided against continuing with it.  The things I was drawing felt more like a chore than a joy, and I was more drawn to painting anyway this month.  So I dropped the project and I feel okay about it because I was making art regularly through painting, and that was my biggest reason for joining Inktober anyway.
  3. Update my Etsy inventory.  This, along with goal 4, I did not end up doing.  I feel it is in part because I don’t have a clear vision for where I want my art style and niche to be, and what platforms I feel are best for achieving what I want.  I’ll be taking next month to really think about that before I move forward on these things.
  4. Update my Redbubble and Society6.  Didn’t do for the same reason I didn’t do goal three.
  5. Make a thorough year plan.  slayed this goal, friends. I feel so re-centered and ready to take on the world.
  6. Hike 3 trails.  … Yeah no.  Didn’t happen.  Oops.  I’m going to have this carry over and be a goal next month!
  7. Finish three novels.
    1. Finished The Little Book Of Hygge on October 5th
    2. Finished The Last Wish on October 30th
    3. Did not finish Drums of Autumn.  I think two books a month is a good pace for me reading-wise, so that’s what I’ll be aiming for for next month.
  8. Commit to health and fitness again.
    • It took me a bit to get this off the ground- the first day I worked out was the 19th- but I have a solid health and fitness plan that I’m excited to continue for the future.  I bought a Groupon for 10 yoga classes at a local studio (it was only $15!) which I can use once a week, and I’ve gotten a gym membership!  Partially for their fitness classes, partially for their weight equipment, mostly for the lap pool.  Honestly, I’ve found that I love to swim, and maybe that was the key to getting me exercising again: finding something I love.  If you’re struggling with physical fitness, I suggest exploring different sports and hobbies to see what makes you happy.  If it does, it isn’t going to feel like exercise.
    • Additionally, I’ve been paying attention to my eating habits and I’ve noticed how much I truly overeat, and eat inconsistently.  I think it’s because I feel bad if I don’t clean my plate.  Part of the American food mentality is that bigger is better, so we heap our plates up and order the biggest things possible, which leads to overeating.  I’ve decided to cut my food portions in half, and get myself on a better eating schedule to feel out what works best for me.  I will never deprive myself of food, however; if I feel I need a larger portion size after something like a big workout, for example, I won’t deny myself that.  It’s about balance!
  9. Declutter my closet.  I only partially completed this goal, so I intend to finish it in November.  
  10. Complete three new paintings.  I only did one, but it’s huge, so I’m not super mad about only cranking out one.  I’ll post it soon to Instagram!

November Goals

Now that I’ve had October to start this little ten-tasks-monthly thing (twenty alongside the blog goals!) I have a better sense of what kind of goals and planning will bring me the most success.  The goals I made for this month were planned with that in mind.

  1. Complete NaNoWriMo.  I talked about prepping for it last month, and now it’s go-time this month.  Let me know in the comments below if you’re participating too!
  2. Cook an awesome dish for Thanksgiving.  Growing up I never did any cooking for the holidays, and while I was away at college it was something I simply couldn’t plan for.  Nobody in my family really knew how good of a cook I actually was, and now that I’m living in my hometown for the time being people finally found out.  So now it’s my turn to create something awesome for good ol’ turkey day.
  3. Cut my portion sizes in half.  Every time I eat at a restaurant, for example, I’m going to immediately ask for a to-go box and put half the order in it right away.  When I’m home cooking, I’m going to go for the smaller plates and bowls instead of the bigger ones, and I’m going to pay attention to what is actually considered a serving of certain foods and base my portion sizes off of that.
  4. Exercise four times a week.  When I joined my gym, they set me up with a free session with a personal trainer who told me I should shoot for two days of swimming, two days of strength training, and cardio whenever I feel like it (which is usually pretty much every day!).  I want to make it a goal for the month to uphold that recommendation.
  5. Use my planner daily.  I bought one, I better use it!  It’s my place for event and to-do planning, and keeping track of my daily goals.  I think if I stay on top of checking and working in it each day of November, I’ll achieve some great personal growth.
  6. Get back on a regular music practice.  I used to play piano every single day.  Since I started college, however, that practice has dropped off considerably.  I had a lot of skill when I was younger, so I’m hoping by starting off with 15 minutes of practice per day I can slowly work my way back to where I was.
  7. Go on three hikes.  Didn’t do it last month, so I’m going for it this month.
  8. Read two novels.  Going to finish Drums of Autumn this month, and get through the second Witcher book, Sword of Destiny.  Can you guys tell I’m on a fantasy kick?
  9. Create a roadmap for posting art to online stores.  Like I mentioned before, I need to get organized and think through what I want to get out of having an art business.
  10. Finish decluttering my closet.  I only partially did this in October, so I’ll be picking it back up again this month.
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Blog Goals


  1. Promote more consistently.  I think I made this goal too vague. There wasn’t a defined marker to hit, so I’m not actually sure how to gauge if I did promote more consistently.  I hit a lot of my blog follower goals, but I still don’t think I promoted regularly enough.  Part of me isn’t really a fan of having a strict promoting schedule!  This isn’t my full time job so I don’t need to hustle like it is.  I think I’m going to just promote when I want to promote (which usually ends up being a couple times a week anyway).
  2. Reach 400 likes on Facebook.  Hit this goal on October 22nd and then some!  I hit 500 this month as well.
  3. Gain 250 more followers on Twitter.  Hit on October 27th.
  4. Get 50 more email subscribers.  This I did not hit, mainly because I really didn’t release any newsletters or make any mention that I had one anywhere.  I’ll be carrying this goal over to next month.
  5. Get at least 600 sessions on the blog for October.  Gah, didn’t make this one!  Final count was 521.  That’s okay, I’ll try next month.
  6. Get to 200 Pinterest followers.  Unfortunately I didn’t hit this, so I’ll carry this goal over to next month.
  7. Get to 300 Instagram followers. Done!  Hit on October 10th and then some.  Current follower count is 330!
  8. Write and schedule five new blog posts.  Oops I wrote up like seven…
  9. Automate more actions.
    1. First, I found dlvr.it for keeping my Google+ and Facebook feeds updated with my latest posts, which I’m super stoked about because I tend to neglect Google+.  Not anymore!
    2. Next, I found IFTTT which is awesome for creating customized recipes for automated actions.  There’s a world of great things I can do for my blog through this app.
  10. Start posting Amazon affiliate links more consistently.  Done!  I added an Amazon ad to my sidebar, and I’m put some kind of affiliate link of some sort in all my October posts.  I’m definitely going to be keeping at this goal for the future.
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November Goals

  1. Reach 700 likes on Facebook.  I was able to successfully get two hundred more people to like Going With Happy on Facebook in October and then some, I’m confident I can do it again.
  2. Get to 1750 followers on Twitter.  I’m at 1440 as I type.  Shouldn’t be too hard.
  3. Get to 380 Instagram followers.  50 more followers will be easy peasy.
  4. Get to 200 Pinterest followers.  Pinterest has been a harder algorithm for me to crack, so I’ll be doing my research this month to see how I can grow there.
  5. Get 50 more email subscribers.  Like Pinterest, I’ll be researching how to grow my newsletter list more this month.
  6. Write 5 more blog posts.  I did seven last month, so shooting for 5 again should be no problem.
  7. Write one newsletter per week.  I didn’t send any newsletters out in October, so I’ll try harder to do that this month.
  8. Get to 600 views on the blog.  I think I can do it!
  9. Create a blogging roadmap.  I’ve been feeling my way around the blog-o-sphere for the last four months I’ve been around, but I think it’d be great to make a roadmap of exactly where I wanna be and how I’ll get there.  Time to make a plan!
  10. Get a bunch of blogging photography done.  I’m running low on title photos for my blog, so I’d like to take the ol’ Nikon out for a few spins this month to re-up my stock.

In Conclusion

Super proud of the growth I’ve had in October, and I have the feeling that November’s going to be even better.  It’s a mixture of optimism and excitement that great things are going to happen and I’m so ready for it.  What are your goals for this month?  Let me know in the comments!

On to Turkey Days,

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  1. It’s crazy how identically my goals are to yours! I got you covered on hiking (thanks to a trip to Denver last week). I also have blank canvases ready for me to paint, but blogging has been getting my time. Anyway, I enjoy your blog and followed you on Pinterest. Have a great November!

  2. I do the same series on my blog and I hope that people enjoy it because I enjoy snooping in other peoples’ lives hahaha

    I love how you broke down the reflection on the previous month and then set your goals for next month! I love that! I might do something similar!

    The priority for November is self-care because I’ve been run down and anxious so everything that I do, whether it’s blog related or anything else, the focus is that I have to feel good physically and mentally first!


  3. Such a detailed post, thank you for sharing it. In blogging, everything must be set and measured and it sounds like you’ve done exactly that. I think I’ll be heading to Groupon for some classes so thanks for the idea! Happy blogging!

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