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A Big Ol’ List of Positive Affirmations

I’m sure a lot of you guys by now know what positive affirmations are, and have at least read about the healing and empowering effects they can have on your life. Today I don’t really want to beat around the bush with a lengthy introduction; what I have here is a really long list of affirmations that you can use for any point in time that you may want it. Pick a couple that resonate with you to tell yourself when you wake up or go to bed, when you’re feeling down, whenever you may think they’ll be useful. I have them split up by type of affirmation for easy access to whatever you’re feeling you need. Enjoy:

For Bad Situations

1) Everything is temporary.
2) I am not my past.
3) If things don’t go well today, I have a fresh start tomorrow.
4) Things are either good, or it’s a lesson I can grow from.
5) I have lived through other bad things, I can get through this.
6) I trust that the world will not give me something I cannot handle.
7) I believe in my ability to get through this.
8) No matter what, the sun will rise in the morning like it always has.
9) What is meant to be will be.
10) Worries are nothing but bad thoughts that don’t have to come true.


For Productivity

11) I am doing my best as long as I’m trying.
12) I believe in my ability to get my life in order.
13) I will get a lot done today.
14) Even if yesterday was lame, today is a new day.
15) If I stumble, I will just get back up again.
16) Any roadblocks I hit are opportunities for growth.
17) I am a doer.
18) I’m working on becoming the best version of myself.
19) If others want to see me fail, I will use it as fuel to succeed.
20) I can learn anything.

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For Empowerment

21) I believe in myself.
22) I am beautiful.
23) I am strong.
24) I am successful.
25) I am okay being alone.
26) I enjoy my own company.
27) I am powerful. 28) I will treat my body kindly.
29) My stretch marks are beautiful.
30) I am mighty.


For Relationships

31) I deserve love.
32) I deserve to love.
33) My family and friends want the best for me.
34) Everyone is on their own path.
35) I am willing to let go of grudges.
36) I speak only positive things to others.
37) I have the power to help others.
38) I inspire and am inspired by others.
39) My heart is always in the right place with my loved ones.
40) I am energized by the people around me.

For Goals

41) I have the power to achieve my dreams.
42) My future is in my hands.
43) I can do anything I set my mind to.
44) I will let go of things that do not help me reach my goals.
45) Life gives me many opportunities for success.
46) My dreams are worth fighting for.
47) I got this.
48) Every day is an opportunity to accomplish my dreams.
49) I’ve come so far, and I can go further.
50) Every step I take is one step closer to my ideal life.


For Happiness

51) I am joyful today.
52) Everything I do is out of love.
53) I deserve happiness.
54) No matter what my past is, I will not let it ruin my happiness today.
55) Life is a gift.
56) I am centered.
57) I deserve to protect my happiness.
58) I am exactly where I need to be.
59) I am a unique individual worthy of love.
60) I radiate happiness.

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– Shannon

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  1. “I am not my past” is particularly powerful! Until I started reflecting on the present moment a lot more, I didn’t realise just how much I was letting my past shape me and how I could control that!

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