Self Care

A Self Care Kind of Afternoon

Hi friends!

Today I’m coming at you with a special Friday post on some time I took to recharge my batteries.  Life has been a little overwhelming lately, especially my blogging life, so I decided to step back and take some intentional steps toward re-grounding myself.  I feel so much better after this routine!  I decided to document it and write it out here not only so that I can reference it for the future, but you guys can maybe take some inspo from it too.  Hope you guys like it:

1. Workout.

I have a gym membership, and it’s a great way for me to get some stress out.  I approached my self-care workout sesh by listening to what my body wanted to exercise in a way that was mentally relaxing.

2. Spa time.

I took a long bath, complete with bubbles and salts and all kinds of good-smelling stuff.  I also propped my iPad up on the counter and put on a documentary from Netflix.  Then I used a pore strip, applied lotion, brushed my teeth and plucked my eyebrows.  For me feeling good physically, especially after a workout, is an essential step for getting refreshed.

3. Journal it out.

Basically I barfed up all my feelings on to paper.  It’s like a “mental cleaning” after a physical cleaning.  I didn’t stop until I got every last thought out.

4. Food food food!

Most of the time I try to balance yummy with healthy in my cooking in general.  So I made taco bowls!  Old El Paso Tacos was super awesome and sent me a box of their Taco Dinner Kits to try, and I honestly loved them.  I stuffed them full of rice, ground beef, lettuce, olives and other veggies and topped it off with the hot sauce they provided.  It was a great way to make something tasty quickly.

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5. A hobby I love.

This time around it was art.  I have a problem sometimes with making art just for myself; I never do it!  In this routine I made sure I did, so I could fall back in love with just the practice as opposed to the final product.

So there you have it!  I hope you guys liked it and can take some inspiration for it in your own self care routines.

See ya Sunday,

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