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Happy Talks #16: The Northern Girl’s Guide To London Living

Hello hello friends.  I didn’t talk about this at all with Sunday’s post but for us Americans last Thursday was Thanksgiving!  It’s important, in my opinion, to be grateful during the holiday but it’s important to be contemplative about our country’s history and think about how you can serve your society better with love and equality.

Now that my little soapbox moment is over, it’s time for this week’s happy talk!  This week I’m talking with Chloe from The Northern Girl’s Guide to London Living.  She’s a lifestyle blogger who talks about things like health/fitness, travel, and personal experiences.  Let’s see what she has to say!

1) What has your mental health journey been like for you so far? You can tell us as much or as little as you like.

My mental health journey has definitely be mixed. I’ve had a 10 year struggle with an eating disorder, passed from pillar to post with the NHS mental health services and struggled to admit the ongoing issues to myself. Every day is still an assessment but I’m getting there.

2) How do you keep yourself content day-to-day?

How I keep myself content day-to-day definitely depends on how I’m feeling. Sometimes I want nothing more than to get home and snuggle up in bed. Sometimes I find writing/blogging the best therapy and other times I just want to get out and run or hit an exercise class.

3) Looking back at times you’ve struggled, what would you tell your past self to help them out?

I’d definitely advise myself to reach out more. I’m very much a person who hates to burden others with my problems so I keep them to myself. I think in my youth reaching out might have helped me face my problems head on a little more and may have lead to a speedier recovery.

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4) What are the things that make you happy, how do you pursue them, and what would you tell others who are trying to pursue what makes them happy?

My favourite piece of advice has always been “just do you;” you know what works for you and what makes you happy so just run with it no matter what people think.

5) How do you take care of yourself when you’re feeling down?

I like to actually indulge myself. When I feel like I want nothing more than to snuggle up on the sofa watching TV with my other half I’ll allow it. I try and never force myself into doing something I don’t want to when I’m feeling down.

6) How has blogging contributed to your happiness?

I think the biggest thing blogging has helped me achieve with my mental health and happiness is helping me identify the issues and give me a central place to share that. When I first published my post on my eating disorder experience I never actually intended to share it on Facebook but when I did it became one of my most successful posts and more importantly a lot of family got to see it. The feedback and support I got from them was incredibly overwhelming and exceeded anything else I thought could come from that.

7) What inspires you, both for blogging and in your personal life?

I’m a very impulsive person so my inspiration can come from anything. A big inspiration is music and things that I get excited about but this can be something as simple as experiencing a really great salad!

8) How have your friends and family supported your mental health journey? What helped and what did not?

When I first experienced my eating disorder issues my support circle was very small and it took one of my closest friends at the time making me pay attention and experience my issues. These days my boyfriend is my biggest support. He’s learning every day how to battle my issues (and how I battle them too) but just knowing he’s there when I need him is the biggest thing I can ask and get from him.

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9) What are your goals for the future, both for yourself and your blog? How do you go about achieving those goals?

I’m very new to goal setting in my life and my blog isn’t even a year old but I guess conquer my issues, be happy and maybe make a little extra cash from my blog and if not get to see the very best London has to offer!

10) What makes you feel most alive?

Laughter. I laugh a lot and nothing makes me genuinely happier and more alive!

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