Goal-Setting and Achieving

December 2017: Personal And Blog Goals – Edition #3

What’s up friends?  It’s Christmastime and I am EXCITED.  I’ve already watched like four Hallmark movies, each equally as cheesy as the other.  I love it.  Tis the freakin’ season.  Anyway, it seems so fitting that December 1st falls on a Friday, because it’s time for GWH’s monthly goals roundup!

November Recap

This month was not as productive as October.  I think because I had so much family and friends around during this month for Thanksgiving-related things I just didn’t find the time to do a lot of the things I wanted.  That’s okay though!  I still got a lot done and I’m happy about that.  Let’s unpack things a little more…

Personal Goals


  1. Complete NaNoWriMo.  Nope nope nope nope nope.  I think I hit about 10,000 words and then the holidays whisked me away from it all and the project just fell apart from there.  Even if I was a part of it for a short time though I still learned so much and it destroyed any trepidations I had initially about the idea of writing a book.  I proved to myself that I can do it, I just need to commit!  
  2. Cook an awesome dish for Thanksgiving.  My grammy and I made stuffing and biscuits and they were freakin’ tasty.  Best part was that they were dairy free!  I’m very lactose intolerant to the point where I can’t even take Lactaid and be okay.  I just avoid it altogether as of July 2016.  (I miss regular pizza like mad, by the way.)  Even without animal butter it was so good.
  3. Cut my portion sizes in half.  I started doing this, and then I figured out I was eating too little and I’d have a very growly stomach going to bed.  This month has been experimental when it comes to figuring out exactly what’s right for me because I in no way want to deprive myself of anything.  I’d consider this goal successful because I overall know more about what portion sizes are best for me.
  4. Exercise four times a week.  Week one I went four times, and that’s the only week I where I hit that.  For two weeks I went three times, and then for the week of Thanksgiving the holidays got in the way/I ended up getting a nasty sore throat for a few days so I was resting and only went to the gym once or twice.  Even if I didn’t hit four times every week, I’m still so proud of all the times I did go and I don’t have any regrets about “could I have done more?” or “I should have done xyz.”  I’m just excited for next month so I can improve my fitness even more.
  5. Use my planner daily.  I did for the first half of the month, and then as Thanksgiving got closer and closer my daily use dropped off a bit.  
  6. Get back on a regular music practice.  This didn’t happen and I’m kinda bummed about it.  I think this is the one goal I really should have tried harder on.
  7. Go on three hikes.  I didn’t even try… it was so dang cold and wet and muddy all month that a hike seemed so unappealing.
  8. Read two novels.
    1. Finished Drums of Autumn on November 5th.
    2. Did not finish the second Witcher book.  Next month!
  9. Create a roadmap for posting to online stores.  Didn’t happen this month.  Another goal for December.
  10. Finish decluttering my closet.  There are still bits I’m working on but I did a pretty decent job hauling the old crap out this month!

Blog Goals


As a heads-up, I fell short on most of these.  I had a lot of collaboration opportunities that I worked on that honestly really burned me out from wanting to do anything else.  That’s okay though!  I’m actually happy with my growth

  1. Reach 700 likes on Facebook. 
  2. Get to 1750 followers on Twitter.
  3. Get to 380 Instagram followers.
  4. Get to 200 Pinterest followers.
  5. Get 50 more email subscribers.
  6. Write 5 blog posts.
  7. Write one newsletter per week.
  8. Get to 600 views on the blog.
  9. Create a blogging roadmap.
  10. Get a bunch of blogging photography done.

Eugh, that’s a whole lot of red.

December Goals

This month, since it’s the holidays and I know I’m not going to be able to keep up with a whole bunch of goals, I’m just going to do ten general goals and then hit the grindstone again in January.  Here are my ten for this month:

  1. Read two novels.  This month I’m going to read the fifth Outlander book, The Fiery Cross, and finish the second Witcher book, Sword of Destiny.
  2. Do all the Christmas things.  I personally celebrate Christmas and I am SO READY for it.  I want to see all the pretty lights, watch all the movies, and drink ALL the vegan cocoa.  Bring on the cheer, fam.
  3. Stay on top of my gym routine during the holidays.  Gotta make sure my body’s prepped for the onslaught of tasty Christmas food.
  4. Take 20 minutes a day to promote the blog.  I don’t want to drop the ball completely in December for blog promotion, so I think just dedicating 20 minutes to do whatever kind of promo I want will be good enough for the holidays.
  5. Get on a regular music practice.  Recycled goal from last month.
  6. Keep up ink drawing.  I’ve been picking it back up more and more and I want to keep it up.
  7. Complete a painting.  Any size, any subject matter.  I just wanna crank out at least one.
  8. Experiment with my Nikon again.  I haven’t taken photos in so long!  I miss it.
  9. Write 5 blog posts.  This is something I’ve easily been able to do the past two months, so I’ll be keeping it up.
  10. Spend lots of time with family and friends!  Because why not.

In Conclusion

I fell off the horse a little bit, and that’s okay.  I’m going to tackle these December goals as best I can and I’m not going to let November’s missteps get to me.  What are your goals for this month?  Let me know in the comments!

Happy Holidays,

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