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Today I want to talk to you about the things I keep on my phone.  They range from things that keep me productive to things that help my health to things that are just fun to waste some time on.  I hope you guys enjoy it!  Here they are in no particular order (by the way, all of these are totally free.  I’m a cheap beez!!  I rarely pay for apps):

1. Moods

This is a great app for tracking the way you feel.  You can set reminders for any time of day to record how you’re doing; Moods will log it and give you graphs to look at and reference.  It’s been great for me for personally figuring out if there are certain patterns for when and why I’m not feeling so great.  This app’s been awesome for my mental health overall.

2. Habitica

My absolute favorite productivity app.  Habitica lets you create a cute little pixel character that you level up by completing habits, dailies and to-dos.  You also collect gold that you can either spend on cool gear for your person, or you can set your own rewards to spend your gold on e.g. an hour of TV, sleeping in, et cetera.  It’s great for keeping me productive!

3. OneNote

If I were stuck picking just one app to use for forever THIS would hands-down be my pick.  This app lets you create multiple notebooks, tabs, and pages for all your organizing needs.  I have all my notes from my undergrad years saved on here, it’s how I write my blog posts, how I plan my future… it does everything for me.  150000/10 would recommend.

4. AllTrails

I’m an outdoorsy gal, and this app is my best friend when it comes to scouting out my next adventure.  It tells me where hikes are within any-mile radius, tells me how easy the hike is, and provides pictures and route maps.  The community can also chime in too with comments about their experiences so you know if a place is worth it to go to or not.


Here’s my lovely phone in all its glory.  I’m posting it because I wanted to share my awesome phone case with you guys.  The folks over at GoCustomized sent me their awesome wallet case and I love it!  I was able to put my own artwork on the case and stamp my name on it to add my own flair, and I love being able to have all my cards with me whenever I have my phone (because I forget my wallet all the time).  They have phone and tablet cases as well as customizable notebook covers, speakers, USB sticks and more.  I think it’s such a cute idea to put together a collage of pictures and put it on a journal through this site to give to your loved one.  Check them out!

5. HaikuJAM

This app lets me express my creative side while passing the time in an entertaining way.  HaikuJAM is a collaborative poetry-making app where each person contributes one line to a Haiku until it’s complete.  I love it because it’s instantly gratifying, lets me connect with a creative community, and inspires me for other artistic endeavors.

6. HQ

This.  App.  Is.  Rad.  It’s a live trivia show that happens twice a day on weekdays, once a day on weekends.  Hundreds of thousands of people play the game, and if you win you receive a cash prize.  This game’s totally free to play, but you can purchase extra lives if you want them.  They even have live game hosts that announce questions and results in real time!

7. Viridi

Back in college, my sorority sisters would call me the plant lady.  This app completed my reputation as one by putting a freakin’ virtual garden in my phone.  That’s literally all this app is and it’s the most relaxing and adorable thing I’ve ever encountered.  You have a tiny little garden that you check in on whenever you want, and you can water and arrange them whenever you want.  Sooooo cute.


8. nOCD

I talked about nOCD in a previous post, but it’s basically an app to help you put treatment in your hands.  I personally don’t have OCD, but I’ve found a way to make it work great for helping my anxiety.  If you want to know more read the post I wrote on them!

9. Pantone Studio

I’m an artist, and one of my favorite things to do to spark some inspo is to collect color palettes.  This app is a dream for that.  It lets me look up color palettes and allows me to extract colors from photos.  This means if I encounter a pretty color somewhere in the real world I can “steal” it for later use using this app!  How cool is that?!


So there they are guys!  What are your favorite apps?  I’m honestly such an app junkie so I’d love to hear everyone’s recommendations.

Till next time,

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  1. I actually haven’t heard of many of these, but the habitica and hq ones sound interesting! I recently got the animal crossing app and also wysa (helps with anxiety) which I love x

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