75 Things To Declutter

Materialism, in my not-so-humble-in-this-case opinion, is a plague on society. Especially American society. We collect and collect and collect thinking that it’s the right thing to do for ourselves, that it’s going to make us happy. In truth, all it’s going to do is give you a very temporary, impermanent “happy spike” that’s going to inevitably fall once again. Unless you use something as a tool to find happiness for yourself in your own way (i.e. a self help book), then no item will bring you permanent happiness.  In general, clutter in life, physical or otherwise, is never good, but that’s a post for another day.

What’s definitely going to make you unhappy, though, is a crowded space. So if you’re accumulating all these items that you think are going to make you happy but they instead make you unhappy by clogging up your house with stuff, what’s the point in keeping any of it at all?

Time to declutter, fam. Here’s a huge list of stuff to get rid of.

(As a side note, Goodwill takes almost anything. As long as it’s not a biohazard they’ll find something to do with it; they’ll sell it at their main stores, take it to an outlet store (the Goodwill bins), send it to countries in need, or for clothing they’ll break down the fibers to be reused as something else. So I’m begging you here to recycle or donate, and use throwing away stuff as a last resort. Be green!)



1. Plasticware and unused chopsticks from old takeout orders. Use them at your next meal or toss them.
2. Excess reusable bags.
3. Clear out the fridge of old or expired food.
4. Clear out the freezer of old or expired food.
5. Do it to the pantry too.
6. Old bags, boxes, or tins of tea you’re never gonna drink.
7. Pretty much any wacky specialized kitchen gadget. Yes, the pretzel maker is cool, but have you ever used it more than like… twice?
8. Excess plates.
9. Excess cups.
10. Excess bowls.
11. Unused/old/expired spices.
12. Recipe books you don’t use. Most recipes you can find for free online anyway.
13. Excess Tupperware containers, or ones that are all different sizes you don’t use. Get yourself some uniform ones for portion sizes and meal planning.

living room

Living Room/Family Room:

14. Dead plants. RIP.
15. Old candles that are almost used up, don’t look nice, have lost their smell, etc.
16. Art you no longer love.
17. DVDs. Digitize them and get rid of the physical copy.
18. Same with CDs.
19. Dingy looking throw pillows and blankets.
20. Excess flower vases.
21. Excess furniture.

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22. Old makeup.
23. Bad makeup brushes.
24. Worn makeup sponges.
25. Old toiletries.
26. Unused toiletries.
27. Old/expired medicine.
28. Old perfume.
29. Old nail polish.
30. Hair ties that are stretched too much or broken.
31. Hair curlers/straighteners/etc you don’t use.
32. Perfume or makeup samples.



33. Old pillows. Replace them with something better.
34. Old or excessive blankets.
35. Books that you bought but never read.
36. Books you read once and haven’t read since.
37. If you wanna go hardcore here, get rid of all of your physical books and start buying them on Kindle instead. There’s also always the library if you prefer physical copies.
38. Manuals to anything. They’re all available online nowadays. (Also when have you actually ever read a manual…)
39. Magazines. Get rid of what you have, then get rid of your physical subscriptions and get digital copies instead.
40. Old toothbrushes. Please get new ones ew…
41. PJs you don’t wear.



42. Projects you’re never going to complete.
43. Pens or markers that are dried up.
44. Office supplies you never use. (I somehow had 100000 binder clips in my possession recently. I don’t think I’ve ever used a binder clip.)
45. Old papers and receipts. Organize the important stuff in an accordion file and shred the rest.
46. Notebooks you thought looked cool but you haven’t used. (Am I the only one?)



47. Broken or bent hangers. Treat your garments better and find them something better to hang on.
48. Extra buttons from old clothes.
49. Single earrings.
50. Single shoes.
51. Single socks.
52. Any clothes that don’t fit.
53. Stuff with holes or stains.
54. Tights with runs.
55. Seasonal clothing- the ugly Christmas sweater was funny that one time three years ago, but get rid of it and try to find another way to be funny that doesn’t involve you ending up with something that just collects dust and takes up space.
56. Stuff you just haven’t worn in forever. I’ll share a tip to make this easy: flip all your clothes on hangers the opposite way you’d normally hang them. When you wear something and put it back, put it back the right way. In six months, if you haven’t worn something and don’t have a legit excuse why (i.e. this is a winter coat and I haven’t worn it because it’s been too warm for it) then get rid of it.
57. Jewelry that is tangled up beyond untangling.
58. Purses you haven’t used in years.
59. Old and dingy looking underwear.
60. Old and dingy looking bras.
61. Old and dingy looking socks.

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62. Old and dirty welcome mats that are beyond washing.
63. Literally anything else that’s broken.
64. Old pet food, toys, or clothes.
65. Cleaning supplies that you have multiple half-used bottles of. If you have 2 half-full bottles of Windex, combine them and toss the extra bottle.
66. Anything you discover while decluttering that you forgot you had. Donate/recycle it and forget you ever even found it.
67. Any duplicates of anything.
68. Playing sets that are missing cards.
69. Old technology.
70. Broken technology.
71. Moving boxes. Unless you’re about to move, they’re just taking up space. Next time you may need it, go to your local grocery store and ask for boxes; chances are they’ll have stuff they can just give you.
72. Any packaging from anything. You seriously don’t need it.
73. Memorabilia that isn’t actually that sentimental.
74. Old/dead batteries.
75. Anything that brings back bad memories.

If you used this list to declutter your space let me know! I’d also love to see some before/after photos; I’ll attach them to the bottom of this post if you send them to me at!

Happy cleaning,

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