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My Experience Teeth Whitening At Home

Hi friends! You’ve probably seen me post a few times about this on social media, but over the last few weeks Smile Brilliant and I have teamed up to talk about their awesome new teeth whitening trays! I’ve been using them for a little while now and I love it. I get noticeable results instantly without any of the harsh sensitivity that sometimes comes with other whiteners.

Smile Brilliant started off by sending me a box with most of the kit inside it. It contained the whitening gels, a desensitizing gel, and materials to craft molds that you send in. Then they send you the rest of the kit: personalized clear trays that you whiten your teeth with! As a heads up, keep paper towels around while you’re making your molds because you will most likely drool like crazy.

My molds in their packaging (which they provided) ready for sending!

It was so cool to have something customized just for me. When I first put the trays in they fit perfectly; Smile Brilliant really does a great job of crafting trays that are exactly like what your teeth are aligned like.

Wearing the trays are so easy, honestly. The first time around I applied way too much gel- I read the instructions wrong and put them in the wrong spot in the trays, so I added more but didn’t clean out the initial layer. Fair warning the gel tastes nasty! What whitening gel doesn’t though?

After getting the initial excess gel out of my mouth it was easy to just set a timer and forget about them. It felt like nothing more than wearing my regular ol’ retainer I wear every night. I was able to get some art done, answer emails, and work on my blog without ever feeling discomfort.

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The carrying case for my trays feat. some art I’ve been working on.  I drew a decent amount with my trays in without really noticing they were there!

Fair warning, my teeth felt a little sensitive after day one. The desensitizing gel they sent helped for sure though; I went to bed with some minor pain and woke up in the morning totally fine. After day two’s round of whitening and desensitizing gel I went to bed with no pain whatsoever, and it continued that way until I was finished with my course of gels.

Overall I loved the experience of using Smile Brilliant. Even though I have no more whitening gels at the moment I know I’ll always be able to buy more when I need them since I have my custom trays.  Here are my before and after photos…

To explain real quick- I have a veneer on my front left tooth, which is why there is discoloration in the second picture. Veneers cannot be whitened by standard gels, but you can see the rest of my teeth are lookin’ pretty pearly! It’s a little bit of a bummer the veneer doesn’t match, but it’s not even noticeable unless you’re looking this closely at me. Besides, it’s further proof that the stuff works right?

If you’re considering whitening your teeth, I highly recommend using Smile Brilliant. I want everyone to try SB, so we’ve also teamed up to host a giveaway! We’re giving away $139 of Smile Brilliant credit to one lucky winner. Click here to enter!

Additionally, how about 10% off your next purchase? Use “GOINGWITHHAPPY10” at checkout!

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Till next time,

* Note: this post is sponsored.  However, all opinions are completely my own; I would not endorse something if I didn’t feel it was a quality product.

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  1. What an awesome improvement- I’ve always wanted to try it, but always been a little bit nervous. Loved reading this though, I really want to give it a try!
    M x

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