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It’s Christmas freakin’ eve everyone!  I’m SO excited for Christmas tomorrow and, if Christmas is your thing, I hope you are too.  I’ve got family and friends all around, all my gifts are wrapped and ready to go, gah.  I love life right now.  Anyway!

So I’m a huge tea-drinker.  I tend to stay away from sugary juices because I have Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) pretty bad and sugar makes it worse, so if I ever want some sweet tasting drink I’ll go for a pomegranate tea or something like that.  Not only that, but I enjoy reaping the benefits that tea has on physical and mental health.  It’s incredible to me how combinations of herbs and spices can be beneficial to the mind and body.  I’m definitely not toting around that it’s a cure-all for ailments- there are actually some studies that provide evidence for negative effects from use of certain caffeinated teas, but there are certain teas that exist that do provide at least some short term benefits.  Today’s post will be all about those guys.  I am personally not a caffeine drinker (again… RLS is a beez) so I don’t feel qualified to comment on its benefits, so the focus is going to be on the main ingredients other than caffeine in these teas.


  1. Chamomile: These cute little flowers calm me down so much I don’t know what I did without them before.  When my anxiety hits, I get spaced out and panicky like I can’t focus.  Brewing a cup of this helps me achieve some clarity of mind so I can work through whatever’s making me feel the way I am.  It’s also known to relieve headaches and aid sleep.
  2. Peppermint: I’m lactose intolerant… like very lactose intolerant.  Like I can’t eat cheez-its without feeling sick that’s how bad it is.  Since dairy’s in everything, sometimes I accidentally get “dairy-bombed” as I put it; I eat it without realizing.  In these circumstances, I follow what my doctor told me and I drink this.  It settles my stomach so nicely and kicks in relatively quickly.”
  3. Jasmine: I discovered the magic of jasmine tea because it was what was offered before class when I was in a meditation course.  I love it because it relieved tension and stress for me, giving me the ability to better focus on my meditation instead of whatever was going on in my life at the time.
  4. Lemon Ginger: Like peppermint, lemon ginger is awesome for soothing an upset stomach.  For me personally, I’ve found it’s great for when I’ve eaten a little too much (not that that’s something I try to achieve… it just sometimes happens…) and I want to relieve the discomfort that comes with that.   Other benefits I’ve seen it carries in my research is that it’s great for clear skin, inflammation, and stress relief.
  5. Chai: To me chai tea is like a hug in a mug.  It’s just so soothing.  Known benefits are that it’s a great digestive aid, relieves nausea, and carries a lot of antioxidants.
  6. Lavender: Known for inducing calm and sleepiness.  I drink this before bed when I’m feeling restless!
  7. Cinnamon: Great for reliving jitters.  My boyfriend said the other day that he drank a little too much coffee and it made him really shakey, so a coworker told him to suck on a cinnamon stick for a bit to make it go away.  He did that and it went away within 15 minutes!  Other known benefits are that it can fight off colds, carries a lot of antioxidants, and it freshens your breath.
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