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75 Self Care Ideas

Lists make the world go round! Today I’ve decided to come at you with the biggest self care list I could possibly create. I think it is incredibly important to take time for self-care, no matter who you are or what you face on a daily basis. Everything and anything you do for yourself and your happiness is important, even if it’s just a tiny action that takes a minute. It’s my intention that you guys can draw some inspiration from this, brainstorm your own ideas, and create self-care routines that work for you. So, without further ado:

1) Write a list of things you’re grateful for. Keep an ongoing list, or write it all in one journal. I wrote an example list here!
2) When in a good mood, write yourself a pep talk. I wrote more about this here.
3) Draw a bubble bath with scents, bath bombs and candles that you like.
4) Develop a skincare routine and use it daily for regular self-care. Try to be present using it.
5) Fix something in your house that’s been annoying you- a dead lightbulb, a smudge on the wall, etc. I once wrote a long list of things that people commonly tolerate in their spaces that can get annoying here.
6) Meditate for as long as you can. Start with 5 minutes.
7) Journal. Write until your hand falls off. If you want some prompts, I wrote a list here.  If you want some general tips on journaling, I wrote an entry here.
8) Read a book.
9) Do a social media detox. I wrote about how to do one here.
10) Apply lotion all over your body so your skin’s nice and soft.
11) Shave if that’s your thing.
12) Watch a movie or TV show you know you love.
13) Cuddle with your pet if you have one.
14) Use a facemask.  This peel-off one is my fave.
15) Allow yourself time to cry if you need to. I wrote about the importance of this here.
16) Get a massage.
17) Wash your bedsheets so you have nice clean blankets to crawl into and relax in.
18) Have a no-tech hour. Turn off all devices so you can think without them for a bit.
19) Do some breathing exercises. I wrote an entry on how to do a few here.
20) Build a blanket fort, make some healthy snacks and have a movie night.
21) Workout.
22) If you’re not up to working out, go for a walk, even if it’s just on a treadmill.
23) Contact someone you trust to vent.
24) Play your favorite album.
25) Give yourself a manicure or pedicure.


26) Make a vision board, either with paper or on Pinterest.
27) Make a vision board for the future. I wrote about vision boards once here.
28) Find three things to donate.
29) Try a new recipe (a healthy one!).  If you want some inspo, here’s my Pinterest which is chock full of (mostly) healthy recipes!
30) Work on your hobbies.
31) Go to bed early so you can see the sunrise.
32) Do some positive affirmations. I wrote some examples here.
33) Deliberately think the words “I forgive you” when you mess up. (Surprise, I wrote a post about this too.) 
34) If you’re getting overwhelmed by your schedule lately, see if there are any commitments you can let go of that’ll release some much-needed pressure.
35) Do a yoga session that targets any area of the body that may need some TLC. There are great videos on Youtube!
36) If you think you might need it, please please please see a therapist.
37) Learn something, anything new. I wrote a list of awesome, mostly free resources for lifelong learning here
38) Plan out a perfect day for yourself. If you don’t have the resources or time to carry out that day today that’s fine, but keep it written somewhere and plan to have that day happen as soon as you can.
39) Take a walk in a forest either in silence or with some peaceful music playing through your headphones.
40) Start scheduling “you time” periodically in your calendar, whatever that “you time” means.
41) If you’re up to it, declutter a section of your place (or your whole place!). Your closet, your bookshelf, and your dishware (I’m looking at you, mug collection) are common hotspots. If you want help on this, I made an ultimate declutter list here.
42) Stretch your body in any way it wants to. Feel out what your body wants, what needs to be worked out, and move accordingly.
43) Plan a trip somewhere and budget for it, so one day when you have the funds you can actually do it.
44) Drink relaxing tea. My go-to is usually chamomile, but I wrote an entry about more kinds last week here.
45) Listen to an audiobook.
46) Finally do that DIY that you’ve had saved on Pinterest for forever but haven’t gotten to yet.
47) Drink a huge glass of water, then make a plan for how you’ll drink more water in the future.
48) If you’re spiritual or religious, spend time in prayer, reading, attending your church/center, etc.
49) Go through your paper clutter, find the stuff you don’t need, and rip it to pieces. It’s really satisfying, I promise.
50) Watch something relaxing (like Bob Ross! His stuff’s online and on Netflix).

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Here’s a video of his for you to watch right now. You’re welcome fam.
51) If your room/kitchen/living room feels stale, do some rearranging.
52) Develop a workout plan tailored to your needs to start doing regularly.  Here’s some workout inspo from my handy-dandy Pinterest if you want some.
53) Write your goals. All of them.  Even if you’ve written them down before.  It gives you things to look forward to.
54) Write down a time where you felt like nothing was going to get better, and then it got better. It serves as a good reminder that the things you may feel right now are not permanent.
55) If you have a garden, tend to it.
56) Listen to soothing sounds, like guided meditations, nature sounds, etc.  Rainymood is an awesome free background noise maker!
57) Create playlists for various times: waking up in the morning, going for coffee, a walk in the woods, etc. If you want some playlist inspo, I made a whole bunch of playlists like this in a previous blog entry.
58) If politics are stressing you out, watch a comedy commentator that takes the edge off (i.e. John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, Seth Meyers, etc).
59) Watch the documentary Happy– you can find it on Netflix.
60) Watching a documentary in general with a nice cup of tea or a bowl of popcorn is one of my go-to self-care methods.  Here’s a website with a bunch of free ones!
61) Make your bed. Just do it.
62) Take a nap if you’re really exhausted.
63) Soak your feet in Epsom salts; it really helps relieve tension after a long day.
64) Go get a haircut!
65) Get a houseplant. Watch it grow with your care.
66) Open a window and get the stale air out of your room/apartment/house.
67) Take a shower and put on a fluffy robe. If you don’t have a fluffy robe yet, I highly recommend you buy a fluffy robe. Fluffy robes are the best.
68) Read some poetry. My favorites are Rumi (as you guys may know because of the sheer amounts of his quotes I post to Instagram), Khalil Gibran, Sylvia Plath, and W.B. Yeats.
69) Use some essential oil that smells great to you in a diffuser.
70) Write or speak intentions to yourself for the day, the month, the year, whatever you feel.
71) Take a first aid class. I think the peace of mind knowing that you at least have some power to help a scary situation is a great form of self-care.
72) Meal plan and prep for the week ahead.
73) Look at the things you feel are imperfect about yourself and turn them around in a positive way, even if you don’t believe it initially. For example, I have a lot of stretch marks on my hips that I used to hate, and now I call them my lightning bolts (because I’m powerful and electric and I deserve to feel confident, and you do too!).
74) Don’t take yourself so seriously. If you cry, trip over something, eat crappy food, or do all three simultaneously, don’t shame yourself. Make yourself laugh about it.
75) Write a list of 20 reasons to love yourself.

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What are some self-care methods you do that I didn’t mention here? Write in the comments below!
– Shannon

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