10 Of My Favorite Mind-Expanding Youtube Channels

I love the Internet, and not just because it has memes and facts about cats I never knew I needed.  My main affection for the web is in the fact that this place is home to an endless wealth of information on anything and everything.  If utilized right, the Internet can be your most powerful tool for self improvement.  I went over some general websites on how to expand your mind in my 35 Online Resources To Keep Your Brain Sharp post, but today I want to focus on just one site: Youtube.

Youtube is a lovely mix of the mundane, the useless, the time-passing, and the strange.  If you look for it though, it’s also a gold mine of educational and motivating videos that can serve as great allies on your journey to personal growth.  Here are 10 of my favorite channels that do just that:

1) School of Life: I adore this channel.  They upload a beautifully animated video every couple days on topics about society, culture, and mental health.  (Narrated by a very soothing British man as a bonus!)  They are so eloquent and to the point with their work, offering lovely discussion-generating pieces in bite-size videos that typically don’t go over ten minutes.  One of my favorite videos they’ve uploaded is the Seven Deadly Sins.

2) Global Degree: A group of travelers visiting every country on earth and uploading a video for each one.  They give awesome insight on the lifestyles and things to do in other places.  One of my favorite countries they’ve covered so far is Ireland!

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3) Nerd Fitness (Youtube channel here, website here): This site and its founder are goals; I highly recommend checking out their website alongside their channel.  Their channel specifically, however, focuses on talks from Steve Kamb about fitness, motivation, self improvement and more.  Videos aren’t uploaded there consistently, but the stuff they have is great.  One of my favorites is You Don’t Have To Be Who You Were 5 Minutes Ago!

4) Life Noggin: This channel features Blocko, a charming stick figure man who gives you 5-minute bits of intel on all sorts of hypothetical questions about science, humanity, and more.  I think it’s highly entertaining while being highly insightful at the same time, which is why I think it deserves a spot here.

5) SoulPancake: A channel with different miniseries going on at once that inspire and provoke thought about what it means to be human.  My favorite series that they have is Going There!

6) TED: I’m sure all of you are familiar with TED by now.  They have a channel!  One video gets uploaded every day, and it’s typically the best of the best of their talks.

7) #Education: A project started by Youtube that involves a compilation of educational videos from all sorts of different channels, including some that I listed above.  It doesn’t seem like they update it anymore (the latest video added is from a year ago), but that doesn’t devalue what’s currently there to explore.

8) #University: Same concept as #Education, except with full college lectures on many topics.  Hasn’t been updated in 4 years, but there are still some good things there.

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9) Lavendaire: This woman is so lovely and so inspiring.  Her videos feature beautiful visuals and talks that are meant to get you off your butt and start living your dream.  She has a podcast as well!

10) Roberto Blake: Dedicated to creativity and improvement, this guy has such great info on freelancing, motivation, personal growth, and more.  One of my favorite videos from him is How To Become More Confident and Overcome Impostor Syndrome.

What are some of your favorite Youtube channels?  Mention them in the comments below!

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