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100 Things That Bring Me Joy

Today, I’ve decided to be a little selfish. I think it’s always beneficial to have a handy-dandy (can you guys tell yet that that’s one of my favorite phrases…) list of things that bring you joy on hand for reference whenever you may need it for a bad day. If you haven’t made one of these yet, I highly recommend you do it! It can be a list of 10 things, 100 things, 1000 things, you get my point; don’t give yourself a minimum or a maximum either! Just list stuff out until you simply can’t anymore. I think it’s a good idea to keep this list on OneNote or Google Drive so you can access it from any technological device for when you need it, or so you can add to it whenever you want.

I’ve decided to share my list (in no particular order!) on here to provide some inspiration for anyone that may need or want it before writing a list of their own. Here goes!

1) Finishing a painting or drawing.
2) Completing a blog post.
3) Freshly shaved legs.
4) That amped up feeling you get after a workout.
5) Finishing a to do list.
6) A clean apartment.
7) Peeling off a face mask.
8) Fairy lights.  I have these ones!
9) Learning a song by heart on an instrument.
10) Knowing I’ve drank enough water for the day.
11) Sunflowers.
12) Waking up early enough to see the sunrise.
13) Watching the sunset.
14) Getting to the top of a hike.
15) Selling a piece of art.
16) Finishing a journal.
17) Coming to some awesome realizations through writing.
18) The weightlessness you feel from swimming.
19) Finding a new spot in town that you want to go to all the time now that you’ve found it.
20) Finishing a video game.

video game

21) Filling a blank sketchbook.
22) Getting my art displayed in a gallery or coffee shop.
23) Getting the perfect shot with my Nikon.  (This is the camera I have, by the way, if anyone’s curious what I use to take the photos on here.)
24) Finishing a book.
25) Doing community service.
26) Checking my plants and seeing their growth.
27) When my succulents grow babies. (You can remove them and they’ll grow on their own!)
28) Doing self-care.  (Wrote a post all about that here.)
29) Meaningful conversations.
30) Getting all my daily habits and to-dos done.
31) Having a really awesome, vivid dream.
32) Staying up late with friends.
33) Road trips.
34) Finding awesome new music.
35) Music festivals.
36) A really peaceful and powerful meditation session.
37) Learning new things.  (If it makes you happy too, I wrote a list of 35 resources for learning here.)
38) Visiting my family.
39) When I fill all the activity rings on my Apple Watch.
40) Making my bed in the morning.

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41) Fresh laundry.
42) Creating art in general.
43) Healthy and delicious meals.
44) Steam rising from a cup of tea in the sunlight.
45) Buying new art from local artists.
46) Buying anything local in general is a pretty rad feeling.
47) Blueberry and blackberry picking in the summer.
48) When a cat boops you with their nose because they want you to pet them.
49) When a dog gets defensive over their owner’s children because they want them to be safe.
50) The smell of freshly chopped veggies sautéed on the stove.
51) Farmer’s Markets.
52) Himalayan salt lamps.
53) Giant pinecones from Lake Tahoe.
54) When you finish your makeup and it comes out really well.
55) Smoothies.
56) Goodwill finds.
57) All the open space you have after decluttering. (That you hopefully won’t reclutter!)  I wrote a post all about decluttering here if you want some help.
58) Stained glass.
59) Cutting a personal watermelon in half and eating it with a spoon.
60) Oregon sunsets.


61) Live folk music.
62) A warm fireplace on a snowy day.
63) Beautifully animated movies.
64) When states commit to being greener.
65) Orchards.
66) Big breakfasts.
67) Japanese candy and snacks.
68) Fields of wildflowers.
69) Butterfly sanctuaries.
70) When one of your favorite singers/bands releases a new album.
71) Treehouses.
72) Finding a really great deal on an Airbnb.
73) Pretty coffee mugs.  This mug is my favorite of my collection!
74) Bonfires.
75) Flannel blankets.
76) Learning a new skill.
77) Fruit-shaped pool floaties.
78) Picnics.
79) Groupons for classes of all kinds.
80) Beach houses and forest cabins.

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81) Vegan lemon tarts.
82) Mod pizza. (I’m obsessed.)
83) Visiting a state you’ve never been to.
84) Subscription boxes. (I’ve never actually bought one… they just seem fun to get…)
85) A new haircut.
86) Local honey.
87) When you know all the ingredients going into your meal.
88) Motivational podcasts and Youtube channels.
89) Lazy days where you know everyone else is being lazy so there’s no FOMO.
90) Lit candles.
91) Days and nights that have a lot of stories.
92) Shoes that are comfy and cute.
93) Hearing a quote and having an “aha” moment.
94) Sushi. (Also a food obsession of mine.)
95) Finding money that you forgot about.
96) Wineries.
97) Tree canopies.
98) When babies are crying and then they stop and smile when they see you.
99) Redwood trees.
100) A warm beach. (A rarity where I live.)

Hoping the things that bring me happiness bring it to you as well,

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2 thoughts on “100 Things That Bring Me Joy”

  1. Hi, Shannon. I love your blog lists — many ideas to bring joy into our lives. And of course I love the ones about gratitude, forgiveness, and
    Meditation. You mentioned school. What are you currently studying? I have a degree in psychology & education. I’d love to learn more about your plans. You’ve done a great job with your blog! Very inspiring and FUN! Congrats!!
    Gigi Langer

    1. I have my undergraduate degree in psychology and currently work in a group home. I’ll be applying for applied psych programs this year I hope! It’s a huge dream of mine to get my master’s.

      Thank you for your kind words Gigi. It means a lot!

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