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Hey friends!  I have a special treat for you guys today that I’m really excited about.  Gigi Langer, author and Ph.D in psychology, recently sent me her book 50 Ways to Worry Less Now to review before its official release.  It was such an awesome opportunity to get my hands on a copy of this before the general public gets to see it, so before I jump into this review I really want to thank Gigi for sending me this. I’m so grateful and I learned a ton!

Gigi’s book is about how to free yourself from the negativity that people often harbor for themselves, their pasts or their futures. She takes a very practical approach to personal growth, healing and self-improvement that you don’t see very often in self-help books, which a lot of the time can be very lofty or too abstract to be able to clearly apply the things the author says to your life.  Her straightforwardness is so needed!

One of the biggest themes in the book is about the “whispered lies” people tell themselves that encourage negative thoughts, feelings and attitudes.  They’re the icky things you tell yourself that bring you down, when most of the time those things just aren’t true.  In 50 Ways To Worry Less Now Gigi teaches you how to recognize when those whispered lies are occurring, and how to create strategies that help you turn your negativity around.

Another thing I love about the book is all of the journal prompts!  As you guys may know I’m a huge journaler, so this feature in the book made me extra happy.  Throughout the whole book Gigi has prompts that are relevant to what you read about, that help you digest and work through the new info and let you quickly apply the concepts she’s telling you.

The last thing I’m gonna mention that I really enjoyed was her willingness to get candid about her personal life.  Gigi’s been through a ton!  She isn’t afraid to discuss her own personal experiences with abuse, addiction and more.  It really humanizes her as a narrator and adds a level of relatability that can sometimes be missing when a professional communicates with their audience.

Overall, this book is PACKED with tips and tricks to help you live yo best life.  There are so many nuggets of wisdom, stories to empathize with, and knowledge on personal growth.  You can preorder her book here if you want to buy it!  Her official release date is February 20th.  You can also read some sample pages here!

Wishin’ you cozy reading days ahead,

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  1. Thank you SO much, Shannon. This is such a wonderful review! I worked on the book for over 5 years and made many revisions based on beta reader feedback. I’m so glad you think people will find it helpful—that’s my dream.
    PS. Although the pub date is Feb 20, we’re doing a “soft launch” now for those who wish to read and review it early.

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