My name is Shannon and I’m the author behind Going With Happy. I was raised in the tall pines and grassroots atmosphere of the pacific northwest. Very recently I received my B.S. in psychology, a big step I took to chasing my dreams and creating the life I want. In my spare time, I love to hike, make music, create art, read, and write. Oh boy, do I write. Ever since I was a confused teen entering undergrad, I wrote like a madwoman about anything and everything. I have the fattest stack of filled journals just from the last four years- but that’s the thing. It’s all journals, thoughts that never reached beyond the pages they’re trapped in. I tried blogging once before, but shied away due to nerves and lack of prioritization. Now I’m done with the nerves, and done being private with my words. So here we are.

This site is a labor of love, a personal quest for fulfillment, personal growth, and seeking joy in everything. I want to be able to share my thoughts and hope that maybe my words are what someone needed for a boost that day, for motivation to get through the week, or inspiration to change their life. Going With Happy is a blog about self improvement and positivity, and most importantly a conscious choice to dedicating oneself to the constant pursuit of happiness, even when things get hard.

I’m going with happy every day, and I hope you do too.

– I am no professional.  The things I write about here should not be taken as solid medical advice.  If you feel you have a real mental health concern I strongly encourage you seek the help of a professional.
– All title photos of my posts are taken by me, as well as the header photo on my Contact page.  Most photos in the content of my blogs are from stock photo sites unless I specify otherwise.